The 2020 Ford F-150 has sacrificed nothing. This new iteration offers one thing above all others: Customization. 

The newest F-150 is less about frills than you'd think. It's functional like it's always promised to be. You don't look at a Ford F-150 and compare the vehicle to a thoroughbred mustang, you compare it to the trustworthy workhorse. It's not fickle, it doesn't have a wavering temper, it's consistent and healthy. When we say that the 2020 F-150 mainly features customization, we're speaking of the abilities the vehicle can grant you. Mainly, the F-150 has a huge selection of powertrains to choose from. That means you decide what this vehicle does for you from the very beginning. It's not just a truck anymore -It's your truck. 

Initial Perks

Every year vehicles come out with some sort of bells and whistles and while the Ford F-150 has always been a utility first sort of truck, it's no stranger to the regular updates meant to get the nod of approval from the folks already looking to upgrade their current model. This year, the F-150 offers a new expansive interior, because if you're buying a truck, chances are you're looking for room. There's more storage and the back seats recline to offer more comfort to passengers and more room to store things in locked storage. There's even rear hinging back doors to make the entire cab more accessible for you to store both people and your gear within. You can find a different set of cabs attached to both 5 foot 6 beds up to 8-foot beds so that you can tailor every aspect of your new F-150 to fit your precise needs. This is where you ask, "what does my current truck not have that I need?" The answer is within the customizable 2020 F-150 package options. 
Extras Optional

The Ford F-150 won't ever be accused of a pointless redesign and the 2020 model holds with that tradition. Aside from a few more aerodynamic twists of the metal, the F-160 is pretty consistent on the exterior from year-to-year. Though the body isn't trying to imitate the overly curved look from before, it's not too angular either. It's aerodynamic, even after being created to be the workhorse of the Ford lineup, which is why the little details mean so much on the F-150. The King Ranch and Limited trims are understated and humble on the outside and that's because the F-150 does not need to brag. There will be some chrome here, a different grille and headlight display depending on the trim styling packages, but mostly the interior is all business. Once you're looking at the interior though, things change a little. It's still a hard working truck, but folks expect vehicles to look more and more like they're from the future now. Thus, the F-150 has been updated to satisfy those needs while maintaining the steady utilitarian symbol it's always been. 

Once again, customization and preference become king in the interior. Depending on the trim you choose for your truck, you can range between minimalistic dashboards with easy to clean materials to the far-set dashboards with lard touch screens and leather with wood interior accents. You'll notice that across the variety of trims, the truck still caters to the target driver. The console is peppered with large, spacious buttons that are clearly meant for big, gloved hands. There's less touchscreen reliance for this same reason and many dials and other controls are left surrounding the screen. The workspace and console are chiefly well-organized and conscientious of how it uses space. 

What's Under The Hood

It's what's inside that counts and that's rarely truer than when you're referring to a vehicle, especially one with as many uses as a Ford F-150. The performance is of your own making in the 2020  model. You'll have the option of a V6 or a V*, a 6- or a 10-speed automatic, with either rear or four-wheel drive. It's all terrain with sharp handling (something most trucks simply can't boast), an excellent drivetrain and smoother than normal ride for a truck.  Most importantly, this year has opened up more fuel-efficient options than ever before. There's no compromise with even, quiet acceleration and great torque. The tow ratings on all of the engines are nothing to frown at and will render you more than equipped for all of your projects. 

Come Test Drive a 2020 Ford F-150 Today
There's much about the F-150 that makes it the best in its class, but it's mostly the experience. People own a truck for the utility, what it's capable of pulling, what it can do when it's covered in dirt and you need it to climb. But people buy a truck because of the experience of driving that truck. They buy it because it's better than being behind that wheel than any other wheel. Come find out what makes the F-150 special and then customize it to fit every one of your needs. 


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