Ford specializes in larger cars that do more and look better. It's no surprise that the Expedition is a category topper across a variety of rating platforms. It easily delivers exceptional performance alongside simplistic styling with awesome cargo options.
Style Influences

All of the components making up the Expedition come together to influence your impression. It's a vehicle that is the perfect combination between a pickup truck and an SUV, which is why it begins its compositional make-up with all-aluminum body panels. It looks better than any truck and is cohesive in a way that other vehicles in its class simply can't match. The designers knew it was a bit boxy, and so they played it up, they made it angular and sharp. Full of sleek lines, precise angles and simplistic stylizations, it's easy to see why the vehicle looks so well done. The big wheels amp up the appeal of the power and the clean-cut, chiseled look of the front paired with a more understated grille make it easily comparable to the F-150.
The Interior
Like any large SUV, there's an emphasis on creature comforts. The Expedition drips luxury, especially since it only appears in upper-class trims any way. You'll find most of the business-end controls firmly plants in the center console, like the rotary shifter, the four-wheel drive system, and it follows up on to the dash where you'll find hearty sized knobs and buttons rather than shirking for that sought after physicality for a mere touch screen that seems impersonal and, potentially, full of future glitches. You'll find that the Platinum trim is equally as impressive as the machine itself. The designers didn't pull any punches when they delivered carefully stitched leather seating and details and combined it with real wood paneling and little spots of chrome detailing to make the entire interior seem like a luxury brand model.
What's Under The Hood?
A twin-turbo engine that won't even wince. You'll have full access to the four-wheel drive and independent suspension with a 3.5-liter V6. In the top trim, you'll be able to access 400 horsepower with 480 lb-ft of torque which firmly removes it from any lightweight competition and puts it into the heavy hitters realm. The engine has been described as having a "point-and-shoot" feel just because it can pull along pavement and dirt more aggressively than gravity holds your feet on the ground. It'll never feel sluggish despite its large size, and you can always take it onto other surfaces besides asphalt with ease because of the high-end transmission and cooling systems that apply and reign-in the traction control systems with finesse.


Worried about this SUV being too clunky for you? While most large SUVs require a bit more experience handling larger vehicles, the Expedition is an exception to this. It offsets it's size well with easy and responsive handling that is based on its size and weight. With electric power steering, it's much easier to take faster corners and the all-season tires and the high wheelbase make it incredibly easier to maneuver than what you'd guess when you first glance at it. You'll also benefit from the independent suspension and adaptive shocks that control the ride motions really well.
Safety Rating

You don't purchase a big car because you're hoping it gets crushed in a crash. You purchase a large car because you want to keep your family safe within. Luckily, the Expedition is equipped with stunning safety packages and is already rewarded with a high federal safety acknowledgment. Every Expedition is equipped with extra parking sensors to remove the possibility of those little collisions. It's also equipped with rearview camera displays, but the biggy has to be the forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking sensors. Blind-spot monitors along with active lane control, adaptive cruise control and a nifty surround view camera system which makes parking the rather large vehicle rather easy, as well as helping you switch lanes and drive safely.
The Advantages
The 2020 Ford Expedition was made to be a luxury vehicle, so of course, it comes equipped with more than just a few bells and whistles. A few of the key features includes a Sling TV service as well as six USB ports scattered all over the interior. There's comfortable seating for seven with its roomy third-row seats, power seats, windows, AC and climate control as well as heated seating. You'll even be able to take advantage of the ultra-nifty trailer view camera that will make hitching up and heading out to the wilderness easier and more efficient than ever before.
Test Drive One Today at All American Ford in Oneonta

There's no way that we can totally explain a DaVinci painting loyally and we can't totally explain the experience of driving an Expedition with just words. If you already think the 2020 Ford Expedition sounds like a car that will satisfy your needs, just wait until you get behind the wheel of it.

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