The Fiesta emerged on the scene a couple of years ago as an American car with European handling. It's curvy and exciting, and takes turns with an ease that's as breath-taking as it is controlled. A strong powertrain and easy controls are wrapped up in a versatile package that's both wallet-friendly and fun to drive. 
The Look
The best part about the Fiesta's styling has to be the hatchback trunk. Hatchbacks are, as a class, totally underrated. A hatchback trunk has the ability to open up the entire back half of a car and render a sedan usable for more than carrying around your dry cleaning. It opens up a new world full of possibilities that will surely help you navigate packing your suitcases and give you options to transfer pieces of moderately large furniture back home without having to ask your friend with a truck a favor. The top line trim package features chrome finishes, blacked out trim and a body kit that ties the entire neat package into a series of angled lines and tight turns. 
The dashboard includes a huge variety of buttons which is great for anyone that finds the touch-screen heavy control centers appearing in every car nowadays a bit exhausting and limiting. There's still climate knobs and a great set of options to help you explore the audio controls that are highly specific and can help you find better options for different genres of music and really get the cabin of your Fiesta bumping, which is rather appropriate for its name. The crown jewel of this modern sedan has to be the ST trims Recaro seats. They look like they belong in a race car and they help tie together the fun steering and tight controls that make the Fiesta famous, somehow more fun. Paired with the infotainment system, the car is lean and mean, with a comfortably close interior that makes it futuristic in its charm. 
Vroom Vroom 

While Ford generally leans toward larger, family and utility vehicles, the Fiesta is where they put the right foot forward in regard to handling. The Fiesta drives how you imagine everyone drives in Rome. it's quick, daring and zips away like a little getaway car because it's shockingly responsive. While many purchase the Fiesta because even the better trims linger at a very comfortable price point, it certainly many other  perks. It was made for peeling around cobblestone street corners and revving past pedestrians in defiance, and as soon as you give it a little gas, it does just that. Every one of them comes equipped with excellent handling and responsive steering. The standard 5-speed gives you the feeling of really being connected with the road and way it steers and maneuvers only capitalizes on that feeling. The chunky steering wheel gives the car a sense of physicality that most in its class simply does not offer. You'll find the 1.6 liter turbo-4 pulls out some healthy horsepower which is extra fun because the Fiesta weighs less than 3000 pounds with both a full tank of fuel and a driver. It doesn't overwhelm its chassis, but it's sporty enough simply because the engine renders it totally over-equipped for most driving situations which furthers that sporty feeling. 
Bells and Whistles
Driving like a modern, sporty sedan isn't always enough for folks who are looking for more space. That's where the features really pick up speed. The S model is extremely affordable but comes equipped with AM/FM/ and Bluetooth audio and powerful air conditioning just to get started. The 4.2 display screen helps you control the road and the interior of the car in one place, though the console doesn't cut out the physical reward of actual buttons and dials. 

A bit more and the SE model provides a power moonroof, cruise control and heated seats with a 6.5 touchscreen and infotainment system. Slight upgrade here and there result in a still very low price point and numerous upgrades like leather seating, automatic climate control, Sony speakers, and much more. 
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