2018 Ford Super Duty

If you're looking for pure, unfiltered strength, you're looking for a Super Duty. The updated, 2018 model redefines the idea of the Cowboy Cadillac with innovations applied to the technology and overall function of the truck to render it the heavy-duty vehicle of the future.

A Truck That Fits Like a Glove

The Super Duty series includes a huge range of trucks that fit every need. You'll find luxury models, work trucks that are purely utilitarian, and every heavy-duty level in between that could be dreamt up. The 2017 models saw the first portion of the ongoing redesign efforts that were meant to bring the best-selling Ford F-150 in line with the bigger rig trucks we offer. Now, you'll find that the majority of the ford trucks share  similar cab designs, trim levels and the aluminum construction that has everyone drooling this year. This year, the 2018 Super Duty features the mouth-watering aluminum alloy that is high-strength and military grade. This lighter weight, but significantly stronger metal slashes last year's body weight to ribbons and replaces it with pure torque. You'll find this model with premium axles, more controlled steering and chassis components that'll make you whistle.

The Redesign Improved

Since last year featured a comprehensive redesign that improved all sorts of components of the Super Duty, you'll find this year has taken that basis and improved it. However, just like every year, the Power Stroke diesel is the crowning achievement. Mainly because it's boasting an impressive 925 lb-ft of torque which means your F-450 can tow up to a staggering 32,500 pounds. While other truck manufacturers try to emulate this truck's amazing specs, the Super Duty remains supreme as the king of its class.

The Ford Vehicle Updates

The new Limited trim is everything you were ever hoping for in a truck. With a 6.7 liter Power Stroke diesel engine that'll make your hair raise when the engine revs, this is what it looks like when Ford pulls out all the stops. Choose from single or dual rear wheels and then sit behind the wheel and feel that unparalleled power from the four-wheel drive on a monster sized truck like the F-450. The intriguing 360-degree view camera with the blind spot warning are standard, alongside the other automated driving complements. You'll find the adaptive cruise control to be particularly amazing, as it is everything you'd expect from a 2018 vehicle. Cruise control has never been so safe with measured speeds and automatic slowing features that automatically slow you down with the rest of traffic. Personally, we find the automated brake warning to be especially cool, as it senses when traffic has come to a stop before even you have, and it tenses the breaks to make them ultra responsive for when you react to its warning. That doesn't sum up the list of bells and whistles though. You'll find the vehicle features LED headlights, with ventilated front seats, heated front and back seats, and a heated steering wheel for those chilly morning drives.


The label "The Cowboy Cadillac" isn't just thrown around. The interior of the Limited model is a perfect mixture of rugged beauty that will bring to mind a picture of rolling, rough hills and blazing red cliffs like something out of Westworld. Inside the cabin, you'll find the seats outfitted with custom, Custom Camelback seats of two-toned, supple leather. Complementing the seats is an accompanying leather-wrapped steering wheel that easily reminds you of the firm feeling of reins in your fist. Ford completes the feeling with ash-wood trim, leather upholstered dashboard and armrest and enhancing the exterior with a satin finish on the tailgate.

Rise Above The Rabble

Perhaps one of the most exciting components of the Super Duty this year is the enhanced steering capabilities. With a large truck like an F-350 or F-450, it can be hard to estimate size and maneuverability. But with the amount of control the new steering provides, it's much easier and renders the truck a totally compatible alternative to the F-150, differentiated by the superior tow and power. This improvement is partially due to the new fully boxed ladder frame underneath that is 24 times stronger than the 2017 model. The other significant ride improvement is the muffled road noise provided by the new front radius arms as well as the redesigned rear suspension that keeps the unwanted noise levels down to a minimum even with a load. The ratio steering controls will speed up and slow the steering rack easily rendering the less jumpy at high speeds and increasing flexibility at slower speeds.

Superior Performance

Performance is the key component that Ford has always, and always will, view as the most important factor of our vehicles. However, that does not mean you have to sacrifice your comfort just to remain utilitarian, while the Limited trim is stunning, there are other options to remain practical and comfortable. Grab the reins of a Super Duty and feel the unharnessed power of all the horsepower and torque you could ever dream of. Come and preview a truck you can admire at your Oneonta Ford dealership.

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