2018 Ford Mustang

When you picture the classic Ford vehicle, you either picture the boxey and endearing Model T with gangsters using Tommy guns barreling down the road or you picture the Mustang. No matter what your opinion is now, whether you think you prefer the Camaro over the Mustang, you know that the Stang is and will always remain the original muscle car. Its sleek angular design has always exuded cool from its pores and nothing has changed. While you won't find the classic model that guys with thick, black slicked-back hair and cuffed blue jeans would drive, you'll certainly find the modern equivalent in our Oneonta Ford showroom. 


The Progression of The Ford

From the first assembly line to that smooth powerful leather steering wheel your palms are itching to grab, the Mustang has made quite the leap through the years. Through years of toil, we've inched closer to some of the best handling, styles, and horsepower that will leave you just as breathless as that first acceleration from behind the wheel. So what does the 2018 model have to offer that all of the previous classic Mustangs don't? How about everything you want in a muscle car as far as power and tech. This year, the Stang promises to go faster, drive smoother, look even more stunning, and protect its passengers with impressive accuracy. 


The New Specs

This year, you've got two options as far as engines: a purring little 2.3-liter four-cylinder with plenty of kick or the drool-worthy 5.0-liter Coyote V-8. Even the base EcoBoost Mustang can brag about the 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque. However, if you're interested in the  GT (let's be honest who isn't interested in that), you're going to be looking at 460 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. In fact, everything is pretty much new, spare the crankshaft. The new fuel delivery system uses both port and direct injection that allows your V-8 to rev higher than ever before. By higher than ever before, we're of course referring to the fact that the GT can rev from 0 to 60 in four seconds.

You'll also notice a spiffy quad-pipe exhaust system and an optional exhaust system that'll keep that purr to a minimum when you're in lower rpms and pushes that noise when you push on that gas pedal. This is due to the various valves that'll open when you're using the heavier throttle. When you come to our Oneonta showroom, you'll find that both engines are equipped with an upgraded six-speed manual transmission or a 10 speed automatic. The V-8 specifically comes with a dual mass flywheel and twin disc clutch for the manual. Combined with brand new anti-roll bars, new rear suspension bushings and improved dampers, you'll be highly satisfied with the handling of these high-performance engines. 


The Mustang's Ride
The 2018 year model proves to be smoother than ever before with the new Drag Strip driving mode that comes with the Performance package. Armed with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, you'll find the ride is purposefully more coordinated and gives you notable control to the point where you'll stop knowing where you end and the car starts. The Drag Strip mode is specifically designed to improve the Mustang's performance and makes straight lines smoother by limiting the torque lost between shifts. This works especially well with the 10-speed automatic gearbox and in the manual model, the Drag Strip mode kicks in without any prompting. The weight transfer is noticeably more controlled and precise with these upgrades. If you get the chance to try the power in this vehicle, you'll find that the throttle is absolutely delicious. It doesn't throw you back in your seat on purpose, instead, it builds up steadily and pounds out ferociously, much like the vivacious animal it's named after.  

The Interiors

While the soft touch upper door panels and padded knee bolsters paired with a heated steering wheel are nice, we find the new gauge cluster to be the highlight of the interior updates. The new 12-inch digital cluster makes its impressive debut with three main viewing modes: normal, sport, and track. You'll find normal is quite a bit like the look of the original analog cluster, while sport stretches the tachometer up into the higher revs and then you'll see the track up the ante on the speedo and digital readout. You'll also find the pre-collision system that can detect pedestrians and features lane departure warnings and a lane keeping assist. 


Test Drive a Ford Mustang

Don't just take our word for it though. The only way to see just how thrilling the GT really can be is to come try it out yourself. Slide into one of the cool, black leather seats and grip the steering wheel for a driving experience that is unparalleled by other muscle cars that will leave you giggling at every turn and gasping at every acceleration. The Ford Mustang is the landmark car that Ford will always be recognized for because it's paramount of style and chic, unabashed power. We promise you'll be impressed. 

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